Looking back, I had a pretty good education experience. There were good people that invested in me, I honestly had a lot of luck since I usually didn’t make life easy for them.

My high school was oriented towards science and technology and dealing with the cutting edge at such an early stage, helped me get into this field afterward. The mindset that one can learn top technologies, helped me far more than the applicable knowledge itself (e.g web development) and the sedulous teachers helped this mindset form along with the knowledge they transferred to us.

Through the years I knew that I went through a very good track, however, the interaction with the “real” world has taught me that there are important things I lack. There are tools and skills that I could’ve acquired back then that would serve as even better infrastructure. These skills usually dealt more with mindsets.

I began asking myself questions such as: how do I appreciate more? How do I become more grateful and content? Not that I felt that I wasn’t at all, but what if I wanted to get better at that? How do I listen to the people around me and think deeply about what they say and about who they are? How do I take on a big project? How do I plan 5 steps ahead? How do I become better at exerting effort? How do I ask better questions?

It has been stated before by others that education has a very industrial form. Meaning, it is very much oriented towards training people to fit industry needs. I am very much pro the practicality and therefore I think that this attitude misses one of the key elements that the industry needs. Better human beings. Rounded and well balanced.

It’s human beings that manage employees, create products, design education systems and raise children.

I do believe that improving our infrastructure will positively impact our careers as well, much more than generally thought. People who know how to learn will always be relevant in their field. A person who knows how to listen will find better opportunities, business ones as well, will experience deeper connections and greater satisfaction. Meaning, there is a very practical aspect to all of these.

I remember scenarios from my own past where these skills would have helped me get more out of the situation, therefore, I’m not only talking about bettering ourselves for the abstract and intangible improvement of mankind. I’m talking about bettering ourselves so we can reap more from life.

The important thing is that these things can be taught and learned. And it is important that we inject it into our education systems. If there is time for literature there’s also time for the skills I mentioned above. Talking about literature, what a teenager who didn’t yet learn how to discuss with himself about his own emotions, would even take from a great poem?

In this blog, I wish to touch these important topics and the practical ways in which we should implement them. How to learn it, how to insert it do our lives. I hope to initialize a fruitful discussion around it.